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Time-lapse from the Schoolhouse and West Fork Two fires near Lolo, MT.

The Schoolhouse Fire near Lolo is now “several hundred” acres and spreading quickly. The West Fork Two Fire is now 2,000 acres.

The fires are threatening homes and crews are working on structure protection. Residents in the Bear Creek area are evacuated and Highway 12 is now closed along with Blue Mountain Road.


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How to Rescue a Pet Caught in a Fire

imageThe Central Valley Fire Department determined the apartment complex that caught on fire on Sunday morning in Belgrade was caused by an electrical problem.

The fire was controlled in about 30 minutes, but not before 14 people were evacuated and one dog died.

In any fire, an over-sized oxygen mask is placed over the muzzle of an animal, if they are exposed to smoke. The masks come in small, medium and large.

Central Valley Fire Chief, Ron Lindroth said rescuing an animal in a fire is very similar to rescuing a human.

"Rescuing an animal is just like any human being. We take them out and put them into either the ambulance or work on them outside, put oxygen on them, access them for their injuries and provide the first aid treatment that we can," said Lindroth.

Lindroth said smoke inhalation is just as dangerous to animals as it is to humans.

"The challenge is not only the carbon that is in the air, but there are a lot of poisons substances in the air," said Lindroth.

Lindroth said pet owners should not enter a burning building to safe their animals.

"When people can safely rescue their animal they do so, but if they cannot safely never go back inside a burning building. They should wait until fire department gets there," said Lindroth.

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter, Development Director, Kathryn Hohmann said smoke inhalation can cause many health problems to pets.

"It can cause respiratory problems. Pets can also get kidney failure or they can go into shock," said Hohmann. "It can be really tough on animals and the reactions quite fast."

But, she said there are a couple things pet owners can do to make sure there pets are safe if a fire were to happen.

"They can have a sticker on their door that alerts fire fighters that there is pets inside. Sometimes pet doors can be a real bonus because the animals will actually evaluate themselves," said Hohmann.

The fire department estimates about $600,000 were saved in the fire and about $80,000 were lost.


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Steroids In Baseball: How the Missoula Osprey Educate Players

For every home run swing, or every fast ball strike-out, the conversation often turns to steroids, and with the recent suspensions because of a link to Biogensis, it leaves minor league ball players realizing many of the major leaguers they looked up to have cheated.

"It’s very frustrating, it’s like they have no respect for the game," says Osprey Second Baseman Antonio Alvarez.

For many players in the minor league system today, steroids are something they were aware of as kids, but many aren’t aware of how things like hormones, blood pressure or even liver functioning can be affected when the drugs are abused.

"You know, that’s one thing they don’t quite put two and two together, they see the short term gains, but they don’t see how it will effect them longer down the line," says Diamondback’s trainer Paul Porter.

The Long-Term dangers of anabolic steroids and other PED’s are what many clubs try to teach their players, however it’s hard to deny the short term impact.

"Just a little bit more edge, put something in your body and the ball is going 20 feet further, those guys, you can tell how huge they were," says Alvarez.

For this years Diamondbacks rookie class, their education on MLB’s Banned Substances began quickly.

"We had a couple meetings about that, as soon as we got onto the diamondbacks complex," says Alvarez.

Banned substances can be found in supplements sold at grocery stores and gyms across the country. To make things easier on athletes, they are told only to use products that are certified by NSF for Sport, an application they can download to their PC or smart phone.

"We have a running joke with the team, if we see someone eating a turkey sandwich , we ask them if its NSF approved, and I’ve had a bunch of guys come up to me and ask ‘hey is this stuff okay?’ and that’s when you know what we’re doing is working, because they are thinking about it and making sure what they are doing is right," says Diamondback’s Trainer Sean Light.

While the road to the majors is a difficult one for any young ball player, many of them truly respect baseball, and are confident the integrity of the game still exists.

"Guys that do respect the game, and do care about it, they do it the right way," says Alvarez.

And while doing the right thing may be enough for some players, the training and strength staff hopes the realization of the dangers performance enhancing drug use is enough to keep everyone clean.

"Who wants to die at 60, or even 50, 40, whatever so they can make (money), what’s 30 million when you’re dead?" says Light.


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Take a look at the damage left from flash flooding at Bannack State Park in Southwestern Montana.

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W. Mullan Fire Grows

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The West Mullan fire has grown to 3,650 acres, forcing more evacuations in the Superior area.

On the west side, the fire has crossed Pardee Creek and moved upslope to the ridgetop above Keystone Creek.

The fire also expanded downslope the east side into the Flat Creek drainage, and spread north toward a BPA powerline.

Fire officials pulled fire personnel off the lines Wednesday, making air operations the primary means of battling the fire.

Drier air conditions and increased temperatures on Thursday are expected to hinder fire suppression.

A road block is in place on the bridge in Superior crossing the Clark Fork River restricting access to the north.

Homes along Pardee, East Pardee, and Flat Creek Roads and part of West Mullan Road remain under mandatory evacuation.

West Mullan and East Mullan Road, west of Big Eddy fishing access site are now under mandatory evacuation.

Residents along Dry Gulch and Keystone Road have received pre-evacuation notifications.

About 80-100 residences are threatened by the fire, but no structures have been damaged.

Damages are estimated at $1,300,000.

A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Mineral County Courthouse in Superior.

Keep checking for the latest information on the West Mullan fire.

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Residents living in more than 10 homes near Superior were forced to evacuate on Sunday after a wildfire grew to 500 acres.

Lolo National Forest Spokesman Boyd Hartwig said on Monday that the West Mullan Fire is located two miles northwest of Superior and about a half-mile from Interstate-90. Hartwig said firefighters are now trying to establish an anchor point to keep the blaze from moving east toward town.

Two fire crews are on the scene, along with 12 fire engines. Hartwig said additional resources are ordered, including three helicopters and two Hot Shot crews. A Type II Incident Management Team will assume command of the fire later on Monday.

The fire was first spotted around 5 p.m. On Sunday and is burning grass and timber on steep hillsides.

The cause of the fire is unknown.